concept, interaction design, visual design


Redesiging Flickr was one of my first design tasks - almost 2 years back was an initiation into the world of design. I believed it gave me good insights into some of the design processes in the industry. For no particular reason sometime back, I reminisced about this exercise and thought about what I did right and wrong then. It occurred to me that the application was designed from a developer centric perspective - design considerations continuously being driven by system feasibility . I decided to change this and make an attempt at designing Flickr again - from a human perspective.


Competitive Analysis of the Flickr website followed by a redesign. Sketching, wireframing and visual design - in the same order was the process I followed for this assignment. And yes, it was an exercise for the Windows Phone.


"Ideas are cheap" - I always have believed in sketching as a valuable exercise primarily because it takes little effort and is a great way to realize ones ideas. Just put all my thoughts onto a few sketches.

Wireframes & Interaction Map

I focused on the interactions and maintaining consistency with the existing web application. I drafted out what I thought was the MVP - the minimum viable product in my eyes i.e the fewest features necessary for a user to be able to use the application.

Visual Design

Sample visuals for the application. The idea was to use a panorama and pick a vivid image from the users collection as the background. In addition, I focused on the content and gave pictures - the core of Flickr the most importance/emphasis.