concept, analysis, web programming


Silin Li


Forma is a non-profit organization based out of Chicago,Illinois dedicated to helping victims of Female Genital Circumcision. As a part of their outreach endeavor they setup a website which was dedicated to informing people about FGC. However, the website was not serving its purpose as it was not reaching as many people as hoped for. In addition, the people at Forma requested for a easy means to add new content/ edit existing content on the news section of the web page - which they considered to be a vital section, engaging visitors with the latest issues concerning FGC. The challenge presented to us was to increase the social outreach of the website. My work with Forma constituted my week long assignment as part of the Alternative Spring Break program at the University of Michigan - School of Information.


Translated web-pages and the addition of a news management portal which would free people at forma from making HTML edits.

Quantitative Analysis

We began our assignment with an analysis of Google Analytics data associated with the website.

Translated Content

As mentioned over 95% of the visitors of the website were from countries in Africa and the Middle East. These countries include erstwhile French speaking colonies and countries around Somalia - where Somali is a frequently spoken language. Keeping the geographical diversity of the traffic in mind, we proposed that the main sections of the website be translated into French, Somali and Arabic (Islam being the most frequently practiced religion in a majority of these countries). The following represents the main section of the website in English, French, Somali and Arabic in the same order. We used Google Translate to translate content.

Increasing presence

We undertook two simple steps to further the presence of Forma online.

  • Creating a location on Google Maps
  • Enabling people to find Forma as a business by creating a presence on Google Local Business

News Content Management Portal

The user-research/quantitative analysis phase had revealed that the news section was visited the most by people who got past the landing page. Furthermore, this page was not updated frequently enough - the reason being that the people at the organization were not comfortable with making HTML code edits. Taking them into due consideration as our end-audience, me and Silin put on our thinking hats and quickly delivered on an intuitive interface that would enable the user to quickly edit the news content on the actual website.