I am a Design Researcher at the University of Michigan - School of Michigan where I am a member of the ICTD research group and the Social Innovations group. My research is at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD). I am currently involved in projects examining the use of technology in Chennai during the 2015 floods, studying transportation usage practices of low and mid-income blind people and understanding the cultural adaptability of the Open Data Kit (ODK). I am and have had the opportunity to collaborate with some fantastic people over the last year - Joyojeet Pal, Tawanna Dillahunt, Kentaro Toyama (University of Michigan - School of Michigan), Jacki O' Neill (Microsoft Research - India), Nithya Sambasivan (Google), Jay Chen (NYU - Abu Dhabi), Neha Kumar (Georgia Tech) and Jasmine Hentschel (Thrive).

Some of my publications are listed below. You can also view my resume here. Some of my design projects I worked on in grad school are listed here.


Pal, J., Vishwanathan, A., Chandra, P., Kameswaran, V., Subramonyam, H., Johri, A., Ackerman, M., O’ Modhrain, S. – Choosing to adapt: Agency in technology adoption for blind mobile smartphone users, CHI 2017 (yet to appear)

Dillahunt, T., Kameswaran, V., Li, L., Rosenblat, T. – Uncovering the Values and Constraints of Real-time Ride Sharing for Low-resourced Populations, CHI 2017 (yet to appear)

Hentschel, J., Sherugar, S., Zhou, R., Kameswaran, V., Sunil Wagh, T., Chandwani, R., Kumar, N. – Rice Today, Roti Tomorrow: Diets and Diabetes in Urban Indian Households, CHI 2017 (yet to appear)


Kameswaran, V., Viqar, A., Fearday, S., Meade, M., Mackay, A., Rajavelu, P., Nathan, V., Pal, J. Institutional Structures and Culture in Healthcare: A Comparative Case on Health Learning, ICTD 2016 Marathe, M., Chandra, P., Kameswaran, V., Kano, T., Ishtiaque Ahmed, S., In search of missing pieces: A re-examination of trends in ICTD research, ICTD 2016


Kameswaran, V. and Malpani, R., Empower me – an alternate take on pervasiveness, CHI 2016 (Workshop on Pervasive Play) Kameswaran, V., Marathe, M., Pal, J. , Dillahunt, T. , Reinecke, K. , Toyama, K. , Project Boost: Addressing the Socio in a Socio-Technical System to Improve Income-Earning opportunities in Detroit, CHI 2016 (Workshop on HCI Across Borders)


Hentschel, J., Kameswaran, V., Kulkarni, P., Marathe, M., ICT skills in the Professional World, ICTD 2016