user research, needs analysis, usability testing


Mandy Wortz, Lily Samimi, Ruoqian Li, Eugenia Kuo


Ypsilanti Community Schools is a community schools setup around the Ann Arbor area. Their website currently caters to a wide audience including students, parents, teachers and school staff. The Student Support Services section of the YCS website is currently under used and not catering to the needs of special needs children, their parents and associated staff. Through the course of the assignment we worked with our client, the staff at the Ypsilanti Community Schools. The challenge - "To conduct user research and needs analysis with the objective of helping the Student Support Services section achieve its goal"


Interviews, Interaction Map, Personas, Competitive Analysis, Heurisitic Evaluation, Usability Testing

Interaction Map

To understand the navigation within the website and how the Student Support Services section fits in we constructed an Interaction Map of the website


Our user-research indicated that the primary audience were teachers of special needs students. To summarize their needs we constructed personas.

Competitive Analysis

We conducted a competitive analysis with direct and indirect competitors to determine features that would help that will help elevate the website. Evaluation metrics included usability, assistive technology, contact details and resources.

Heuristic Evaluation

We evaluated the website based on Nielsens heuristics and established features that could help elevate the website.

Usability Testing

We conducted formal usability tests to further help establish some of the missing pieces in the website.


Based on these methods we adopted the following infographic indicates some of the recommendations we proposed to our client

Final Presentation

Our final presentation summarizing the methods and findings we used throughout the course of the assignment.